Good Sunday afternoon and welcome to Weekend Reading. First a look back at the week that just finished, then a look forward to the week ahead, and, finally, a summary of articles and research papers worth reading.

We hung on and managed to turn in two up weeks in a row on the major indices. That was the first time that has happened across the S&P 500, Nasdaq and Dow since last May. (See chart below.) Granted, we're still way down on the year, and nothing important has changed with respect to the likelihood of more losses later in the year, but investors should take gains where they can get them.

Looking ahead to next week, all eyes will be on the Treasury Department's latest plan for getting toxic assets off bank balance sheets. According to weekend reports, the newest iteration of the program will be unveiled on Monday, and the early response has been uneven at best. There will be lots of other data next week, but the big thing will be reaction to Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and his plan. There also may be some reaction to tonight's Obama interview on CBS' "60 Minutes," where the president apparently says Geithner's job is safe.

Turning to economic indicators, next week will see data on sales of new- and existing-homes, plus a final reading on fourth-quarter gross domestic product and numbers on weekly jobless claims.

As for earnings, we will see reports from Walgreen ( WAG), Tiffany ( TIF) and Best Buy ( BBY), among others.

Finally, here are some articles and papers worth reading:

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