CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Lured by a state grant worth as much as $4.49 million, GMAC says it will add 200 white-collar banking jobs in Charlotte, where it will center key operations associated with its December conversion to a bank holding company.

However, although top executives including CEO Alvaro de Molina will continue to work in Charlotte, GMAC's headquarters will remain in Detroit. A move to Charlotte had been considered, according to press reports, but Detroit was able to prevail in the battle for the headquarters.

"We've been in Detroit a long time," said bank spokeswoman Toni Simonetti, who declined to comment on whether a headquarters move was in fact contemplated.

GMAC needs to add people with skills in fields including regulatory compliance, marketing and risk and finance, said Simonetti and Anthony Marino, chief human resources officer. Currently, 37 jobs in Charlotte are posted on the company's Web site.

"When we became a bank holding company, we looked at the work required to be fully compliant," said Marino. "We needed new skills and additional capabilities, and we found that in Charlotte."

GMAC already employs about 250 workers in Charlotte. It will hire 200 more over five years, as required by the terms of the grant, and will replace its current site in far south Charlotte with a downtown site that it has not yet selected.

The move was formally announced by North Carolina Gov. Bev Perdue, who noted the jobs will pay an average of $96,600 annually. "We saw a giant in America in GMAC, and we went for them and we got them," she said.