Guy Adami, stocks editor at OptionMonster.

So the market strategy we have been discussing is playing out according to plan. We had been looking for clarity for quite some time, and last Tuesday, March 10, provided us with the clearest reasons for optimism we have seen for a while.

The market internals from that surge made it far more impressive than previous rallies. The subsequent close above 741 in the S&P 500 further galvanized our belief. Now we have to fine-tune our trading strategy.

A review of yesterday's trading shows that the market fought back from a triple-digit loss in the Dow Jones Industrial Average to about even for the day long before anything came out of the Fed meeting. Very encouraging price action, if you ask me. It feels as though the worm has in fact turned.

That being said, given the run we have had, it is tough to "chase" at this point. We should now be in a "buy the dips" mode.