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So now Congress is going to go after the AIG ( AIG) bonuses, responding to the rage that most sentient beings are feeling right now about the whole question.

One suggestion is that the government simply impose a 100% tax on the sums received by AIG bonus heads. This would seem to be a logical extension of the government's current policy of taking about 52% of all my income. Still, it's a dramatic solution to the problem.

I'm just as mad any anybody else at those numbskulls at AIG, of course. It really stinks. You have to wonder how a "retention bonus" is meant to affect the performance of a manager who has already left the organization. Like, that's just stupid.

If you want to give me some rationale for why you're going to suck up billions of dollars and spew it out to your colleagues and pals, come up with something credible or at least appropriately truculent, like "We did it. We're keeping it. If you don't like it, fire us and pay us our contractually mandated severance packages." That at least is a truthful presentation of the executive mind-set.

Still, you have to worry a little about the policy implications. Does the government -- even in pursuit of fairness and equity -- have the right to implement new, punitive laws against individuals who have displeased it, and us? New laws that prevent such things from happening in the future, no question. But laws that retroactively impose justice kind of make me nervous for some reason.

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