Jim Cramer thinks the current U.S. stock market rally is the real deal. He thinks the rally got going the day that noted bearish market forecaster Nouriel Roubini made a call for Dow 5,000 and banking analyst Meredith Whitney said there were more problems ahead for the financials.

Cramer has made it clear that when the sentiment on Wall Street gets this negative, a bottom can develop for stocks. Of course, the markets were also helped by some positive news, such as rumors of a return for the "uptick rule" and positive comments out of Texas Instruments ( TXN) about 3G cell phone inventories.

Cramer believes the market is at a critical point, where many investors are hoping for a pullback before they jump in and buy stocks. However, the market rarely lets people in when it's poised to trade higher. The buying demand will be so intense that every time the market pulls back, the bulls will rush in and buy in fear of missing the move.

If the market is set to continue to run, how should you play? Cramer has plenty of ideas.

Recently, Cramer found opportunities in Dow stocks, high-growth pharma stocks and stocks with pin action. Here are some Cramer highlights from over the past week as aggregated from his "Mad Money" TV show, the "Stop Trading!" segment on CNBC and his RealMoney blog posts (these blog post require a RealMoney subscription).

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