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Throughout the trading week on Stockpickr Answers, investing professionals answer questions posed by members of the Stockpickr community.

Recently, David MacDougall (TheStreet.com Ratings) responded to a round of timely questions.

Here are a few of those questions and MacDougall's answers.

  • What do you think of Jeff Immelt's recent comments on GE (GE) being "an opportunity of a lifetime," and the recent insider buying?
  • MacDougall: I'm not sure if I would be ready to catch that falling knife just yet. To read more, visit Stockpickr.com.

    In Wednesday trading, shares of GE closed at $8.49 (down 4.28% for the day; down 47.59% year-to-date).

  • What, in your opinion, would be the leading sectors to take us out of this economic hole?
  • MacDougall: With the aims of the stimulus package focusing on "green-collar" jobs, I could see energy related stocks getting some juice in the coming years... I recently wrote about Xcel Energy ( XEL), which is currently working with smart-grid tech in Colorado. To read more, visit Stockpickr.com.

  • When I first got into the market I started my portfolio with Citigroup (C), Fannie Mae (FNM), Freddie Mac (FRE), Sun Microsystems (JAVA), Altria (MO) and Fortune Brands (FO). Now I've dumped FRE and FNM for Eldorado Gold (EGO) and Silver Wheaton (SLW). Do you feel this makes my portfolio a little stronger?
  • MacDougall: Dropping FRE and FNM for EGO and SLW is a good move. FRE and FNM are both rated as Sells by TheStreet.com Ratings, while EGO and SLW are both rated as Holds. To read more, visit Stockpickr.com.

  • What are your feelings on oil and financial stocks right now (specifically Wells Fargo (WFC), GE, Transocean (RIG) and Exxon Mobil (XOM)). I feel like the 'good' bank stocks are oversold, and that the oil stocks have good support here. Your thoughts?
  • MacDougall: XOM and WFC both have Buys from TheStreet.com Ratings. To read more, visit Stockpickr.com.

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