What a day! Markets jumped by more than 5% on Tuesday as investors responded to encouraging news out of both the corporate and the government sector.

Citigroup ( C) climbed 38% after announcing a profitable first two months of the year. CEO Vikram Pandit further eased concerns about the bank's future by stating that he is confident in Citi's capital position. The news sent the battered financial sector soaring, with bank stocks such as JPMorgan ( JPM) and Bank of America ( BAC) rallying by more than 20%.

Meanwhile, in Washington, leaders announced that the SEC might reinstate the uptick rule, preventing investors from betting against falling stocks. By limiting short-selling, the rule is expected to help stabilize markets.

With this in mind, we thought we'd take a look at some of the stocks people have been searching for on TheStreet.com and see what Jim Cramer's had to say about them lately.

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