Updated from 4:34 p.m. EST March 4

According to recent reports, "staycations" -- the frugal and/or lazy person's alternative to traveling vacations -- are a growing trend in our increasingly depressing economy.

And really, what's not to like here? You've got your sofa, you've got your cat, you've got your box of wine, and you've got your cable and DVDs -- all of life's pleasures at your fingertips without the expense of airfare or the burden of an impending workday cutting your lezzure time short. Also, lest you forget, staycationers needn't ever divest themselves of their bathrobes.

But let's say you prefer your sloth with a dash of profit. Why not invest in companies that benefit from the stay-at-home holiday-taker? Hoist your laptop -- I know it takes energy, but try to power through -- and dig in:


Blockbuster's ( BBI) a company to consider, particularly now that its customers don't have to put on real shoes and drive to the store. The company's stock is recently up 15.2% to 54 cents -- off its 52-week low of 13 cents and so dirt-cheap you'll have money left over for takeout! Rival Netflix ( NFLX) also profits from Americans' reluctance to leave their homes. The stock was lately hovering near the baseline at $37.65.

I don't have cable and haven't had it for many years, but most everyone else I know does (it's so much better to watch Battlestar Galactica on TV than online - am I right?). Some names in this space are Time Warner Cable ( TWC), Comcast ( CMCSA), Dish Network ( DISH) and DirecTV ( DTV).

Good Eats

In between checking the Animal Planet lineup and games of Grand Theft Auto IV: Liberty City, made by Take-Two Interactive's ( TTWO) Rockstar Games, staycationers might need a snack. Perhaps they'll reach for a bag of chips bearing the logo of Frito-Lay, owned by Pepsi ( PEP). Or maybe they'll be in the mood for pizza -- and really, who isn't? Domino's Pizza ( DPZ) was recently up 8.5% to $5.89, and Papa John's ( PZZA) was down 1.8% to $22.22.


Sources say Betty Crocker -- owned by General Mills ( GIS) -- makes a good one.

Adult Beverages

I've heard people enjoy beer and other spirits with their pizza. If you're willing to trade on such a rumor, you might consider companies like Molson Coors Brewing ( TAP) Boston Beer ( SAM), Diageo ( DEO) and Fortune Brands ( FO).