Between now and the end of April, I count 10 big events with biotech stock-moving potential on the calendar. We all know that the health of the biotech group can swing on sentiment, so the outcomes of these 10 events could set the course for the sector as we transition from winter to spring.

Don't expect all of these events to result in happy endings. This is biotech, after all, which translated into Sanskrit means "high-risk of failure." I bet you didn't know I spoke Sanskrit. But hopefully, we'll get enough good news in the next eight weeks to put investors in a giving mood that pushes the biotech sector back out front of the market where it belongs.

Here are my 10 biotech events, listed in a subjective order of importance:

1. Adjuvant Avastin: The fate of the Roche takeover bid for Genentech ( DNA) may rest on the outcome of a single clinical trial. Genentech expects results in April from a large study of colon cancer patients treated with Avastin in the post-surgery, or adjuvant, setting. A positive outcome sets Genentech on the path toward another $5 billion in Avastin revenue and all but guarantees that Roche will have to make a serious upward adjustment to its $86.50-a-share bid if it wants to complete the acquisition.

2. Provenge: Are we all tired of Dendreon ( DNDN) yet? If not, then this event is for you. "Final" results from the phase III study of the company's Provenge cancer vaccine in prostate cancer patients are due in April. I put "final" in quote because with Dendreon, no event, no matter how large, ever seems to be able to put this story to bed.

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