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BreitBurn Energy Partners LP ( BBEP) reported on March 2, 2009 that its Q4 FY08 net income climbed to $251.16 million or $4.77 per limited partnership unit from a loss of $47.07 million or $0.86 per limited partnership unit in Q4 FY07. Adjusted EBITDA increased to $50.90 million from $43.37 million. The most recent consensus estimate was $0.35 per unit.

Total revenue surged several times over to $443.25 million from $10.04 million, supported by a rise in natural gas prices, natural gas liquids (NGLs) prices, and oil prices and an increase in the average daily production of natural gas and crude oil. Oil, natural gas, and natural gas liquid sales inched up to $81.32 million from $81.04 million in Q4 FY07. Total production improved 21.6% to 1.69 thousands of barrels of oil equivalent (MBoe) from 1.39 MBoe. Oil and NGL production increased to 767 MBoe from 738 MBoe in the prior year's quarter. Natural gas production jumped 41.6% to 5,530 million cubic feet (MMcf) from 3,906 MMcf. Sales volume advanced to 1,759 MBoe from 1,345 MBoe. Average realized sales price edged up to $54.23 per barrel of oil equivalent (Boe) from $54.10 per Boe. Average realized oil and NGL sales price declined to $60.81 per Boe from $62.59 per Boe in the year-ago quarter. Average realized natural gas sales price rose to $8.04 per thousand cubic feet (Mcf) from $7.51 Mcf.

BBEP paid a quarterly cash distribution of $27.40 million, or $0.52 per unit. The company drilled a total of 23 wells during the quarte in Michigan, California, Wyoming, and Texas.

FY08 net income stood at $378.24 million or $6.42 per limited partnership unit compared to a loss of $60.36 million or $1.83 per limited partnership unit in FY07. Annual revenue surged to $802.40 million from $74.99 million.