Oil refinery stocks stand to make a killing this year. RealMoney.com contributor and oil expert Dan Dicker says investor demand is out and fundamentals are in. Dicker believes when the oil market ramped up in the summer of 2008, it accelerated so much to the upside that the fundamentals got disconnected. With increasing speculative investor demand and rising gas prices, refiners got hammered, almost going bankrupt with gasoline at $4.50 a gallon. But now oil has come down, investor demand has come out of the market so the fundamentals can reassert themselves. And with gasoline at $1.50 a gallon, refineries are seeing profits soar. To see which stocks Dan is buying and which are poised to pop, watch his video now.

Dicker also predicts that if refiners can get to the summer with the fundamentals intact and with oil at a respectable level without investor demand, refiners will make money hand over fist. Dicker stands behind his theory and is long refining stocks and plans to stay that way. Get more from Dan on realmoney.com and from thestreet.com TV every week . E-mail us here for our special offer now.

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