Super Bowl, Organic Beers a Match

To make Super Bowl XLIII "green," the National Football League's Environmental Program will plant thousands of trees in the Tampa Bay area, power the stadium with renewable energy and buy carbon offsets to balance out travel by the teams and NFL officials.

Making your own Super Bowl shindig green doesn't have to be quite so complicated. In fact, simply by changing the type of beer you quaff, you can improve your bash's eco-friendliness. From organic craft beers to environmentally friendly efforts by the likes of Anheuser-Busch ( BUD), we'll help you find the right green beer for your celebration.

Peak Organic Brewing of Portland, Maine, uses organic as well as local ingredients. One of its beers is made with maple syrup from Vermont.

Start small: Full Sail Brewing Co. in Hood River, Oregon, sells seven beers, ranging from the award-winning Full Sail Pale Ale to Session Premium Lager.

The highly lauded beers come from a very eco-friendly company. Full Sail has reduced its energy use and water consumption by compressing its workweek into four 10-hour shifts, installing energy efficient lighting and air compressors and putting in a hot water recovery system. The brewery purchases wind power each month, reducing its annual greenhouse gas emissions by 168 tons. Managers also work closely with local farmers, buying the majority of their hops and barley from Northwest farms and using the grain and yeast left over from the brewing process as feed for dairy cows.

Employee-owned New Belgium Brewing Co. in Fort Collins, Colorado, produced the first Belgian-style beers in the U.S. New Belgium makes the popular Fat Tire Ale as well as seven other brews.

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