LOS ANGELES -- If you are thinking of upgrading to a better set of earphones, you might want to consider getting a pair from Sleek. These are custom made specifically for your ears alone. The company has a history of fitting hearing aids and a reputation for producing extremely good-quality earphones. Gadget Grrl says, listening to music with these sounds like it's right in the middle of your head.

Next, is there anyone who couldn't use some additional cell-phone coverage, especially while on the road? There are so many hotels in high rises that have dead zones that you might want to consider carrying one of these lightweight zPocket Cell Zone Extenders. With this gadget, you can enhance your cell-phone signal and extend the power of your battery.

More about zBoost's zPocket later. Now let's look at the earphones.

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If you wanted to get a pair of custom earphones, you would have to start by getting a mold made. This is something you would need to have done by an Audiologist, because this is a specialized procedure and one that you wouldn't want to trust to the kid down at the local electronics store.

The process begins by inspecting your ear, to make sure there are no obstructions. Then a string with a stopper like end on it is put into the ear, followed by injecting silicone into and around the outside opening of the ear.

The silicone is allowed to dry (takes about 5-10 minutes) and then this mold is carefully removed from your ear. This mold is then sent to the Sleek Audio company where they put the final touches into your unique pair of earphones.

Aside from the incredibly comfortable fit, the technology used to create the earphones can be tweaked to your preferences.

If you listen to music and want to hear plenty of bass, they can create a pair to those specifications. Whereas, if you want a more treble and overall higher sound, they can accommodate that as well.

The earphones arrive in a hard-shelled, protective case and the sound is unlike any other earphones I've tried. Listening to music sounds like it's right in the middle of your head.

What I also like is that I didn't have to turn up the volume to hear well with these earphones. In adittion, due to the custom fit, these didn't fall out or slip while running or doing errands.

The Sleek Custom Earphones are available in a myriad of colors, bright red, blue, hot pink and a number of others.

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With this gadget, you can enhance your cell-phone signal and extend the power of your battery. It works by attaching the zPocket device to a window and then placing your cell phone into the cradle and plugging in the cradle. There is no other set-up involved.

You can then use your headset or Bluetooth device or switch over to the speakerphone.

While your cell phone is in the zPocket, it will then increase your cell-phone signal and add the length of your cell-phone battery, because when the signal is stronger, the battery does not run down as fast.

The base unit size is 4" x 5" and weighs just 10 ounces, so it's easy to carry along on road trips. This will also work with all phones and U.S. carriers except Nextel.

Site to see: Traveas

There are plenty of travel sites with flights available. But what makes this site different is that after searching for information on a flight, you can then track it multiple ways.

If you're picking up someone at the airport, you can get an alert. If you're a traveler who has just been bumped, you can get on the tracking list to find out if this is a flight you can hop on.

The site is in beta and will soon charge for the service, but this is the sort of service that would be nice to have from the airline industry.
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