Just like in the U.S., the Chinese government is doing everything it can to avoid a deep economic slowdown.

On Saturday, China announced plans to inject more capital into its economy by increasing the money supply by 17% for 2009. Chinese officials hope to jump-start consumer spending and protect its fast-growing country from the global meltdown.

The announcement to raise the money supply comes on the heels of the $586 billion stimulus package announced in November that will also pour capital into the country for such things as infrastructure build0outs, aid to farmers and cutting export taxes.

To the savvy observer, it's clear that the Chinese government knows its economy isn't moving in the right direction. Often it's hard to forecast China's economy, because many people believe that the Chinese government doesn't always release the most accurate data.

However, at times even China can't hide its problems. On Monday, China announced that its industrial production grew by the weakest pace in almost a decade as export growth fell off a cliff. It's probably safe to say that China is far from done with initiating measures to stimulate its economy.

Considering the changing landscape and conditions in China, how should an investor approach the region to find investment opportunities?

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