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"This is a market bursting with opportunity," Jim Cramer told viewers of his "Mad Money" TV show Thursday.

"But investors don't seem to care," he continued. He said the problem with the market is not earnings, nor the economy, but is instead the fact that the market is broken and investors simply don't trust it anymore.

Individual investors can't handle these volatile swings in the market, said Cramer, swings where stocks can move up or down 10% in the blink of an eye and on no news.

He said the markets have entered a period where who owns a stock, and why they're selling, is now more important that a company's fundamentals.

Cramer blamed Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Chris Cox for creating a market where the playing field is no longer level and instead is tilted heavily in favor of large institutional hedge funds and away from the individual retail investor. "How can you trust a market where the pro's know something you don't?" asked Cramer.

"This market is being manipulated," said Cramer. He urged whomever is Obama's choice for chairman for the SEC to undo the madness caused by Cox.

Specifically, Cramer said the SEC needs to start enforcing the laws again, regulate the markets, stop bear raids on stocks, get rid of the ultra leveraged ETFs and bring back the uptick rule.

Cramer said the only thing investors CAN trust in the markets are companies with safe dividends, smart CEOs and strong fundamentals. "Those are the only things that will see us through," he concluded.

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