Identity theft: Stock Pick No. 2: Intersections ( INTX) provides various services related to identity theft: credit screening, analysis of unusual credit activity, identity theft recovery services, etc. It trades for just 3 times cash flows and has been destroyed in this market, but long-term it's a safe bet. The number of reported instances of identity theft each year hasn't had a single downtick in 20 years, and it's only getting worse. Intersections is the leader.

Money management: I know it seems ridiculous to recommend a company in the money management space, but there's $100 trillion in wealth on the planet and someone needs to do the job, even if there's volatility along the way. Let's not forget what company has, so far, been "the last man standing" -- Stock Pick No. 3: Goldman Sachs ( GS). And the company literally rules the world at this point: Bush's secretary of Treasury, Clinton's secretary of Treasury, the president of the World Bank, president of the Canadian central bank, governor of N.J., Bush's chief of staff, former director of the National Economic Council -- the list goes on and on -- all were Goldman execs. Warren Buffett is in the stock at $120, which is almost double where the stock is now. Time to buy and hold forever.

Women's legs: A topic very important to me and 6 billion other people. As women reach the age of about 45 to 55 (and every year in the U.S., that demographic gets several million people larger) they deal with issues ranging from varicose veins to "What do I do with that tattoo I got 30 years ago that's now all flabby?" RFID lasers are the trick, and the leaders are: Stock Pick No. 4: Cynosure ( CYNO), trading for just 6 times earnings, and Stock Pick No. 5: Cutera ( CUTR), which is interesting to me because the entire company trades for a $100 million market cap but is profitable, has $98 million cash in the bank, and is debt-free. So you get the entire company, in an important demographic space, for free.

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