These picks are based on James Altucher's just-released book, The Forever Portfolio. Be sure to read the first and second excerpts, published last week as a service to readers.

I am never, ever, never going to do it again. I really do not enjoy the process of writing a book. I would rather sit through a 1,000-hour opera than write another book. It's hard to write words that will be useful enough that they can compete with the words in the other 100,000 books that are being published this year. Not to mention, which I can read all day long.

I'm mentioning all of this because my latest book, The Forever Portfolio, came out last week. But first, I have a confession to my publisher. It took me only three weeks to write it. Yes, I know, I was five months late delivering a manuscript. It was so late that you almost wanted the advance back. And I'm sorry, Jeffrey, that I stopped returning your phone calls when the book was two months late. And Jillian and Courtney, I'm sorry that several times I answered the phone and pretended to be an answering machine: "James Altucher is either on the phone or out of the office right now..." I actually don't have an answering machine. That was me. Nor do I have a secretary. You know, the guy who kept answering and saying, "James Altucher is not in the office right now"? I don't even have an office.

What happened was this. The book was due in November. By mid-February I hated all 60 pages I had written. Nobody needs another book about picking the latest hot stocks. Borrring. Particularly not in this environment. I was falling asleep while reading my own words. That's not a good sign. I remember telling my business partner I was just going to send the advance back and that my agent, Dan M., who I went to nursery school with, was never going to speak to me again despite the fact that I was the godfather of his second child.

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