I am very thankful for this column. It has provided me a platform to sound off on a wide range of topics: the dollar, OPEC, drilling, interest rates, real estate, the bailout package, gold, volatility, stocks, bonds, and of course, politics.

Now that the election is over, I can focus in on the economy and the markets again. I will be forever changed in that I have found a new passion for the political process. I have been given a great opportunity to host a daily show on Foxnews.com called "The Strategy Room" and we throw around topics that affect everyone.

I mention "The Strategy Room" because it is intended to be a political forum. During my months as host, I have realized that the economy is front and center on the minds of just about all of the emailers to the show. They are worried about their investments, their homes and their jobs.

I am paying careful attention to regular Joe and Jane Investor. They are the ones who have trillions of dollars invested in 401(k)s and pension funds. They are the investors whose buy-and-hold strategy is bleeding them during a material downturn in the markets and the economy. My point: Whether you are a pro trader, a day trader or a guy or gal who has money in his or her retirement account, we are all in this together. The market has treated us all the same way recently -- rough! The market has taken our hard-earned money and squeezed it, shrunk it and left us scratching our heads looking for direction.