Ratigan started a special edition of the "Pops & Drops" segment by asking the traders if they would "fade" or "follow" the rally in the stocks mentioned during the show.

Pops Wal-Mart ( WMT) popped 11%. Macke said follow so he can sell to you, because WMT is probably not going to $70 per share.

General Motors ( GM) rose 14%. Seymour told viewers to fade and then fade it again.

Wells Fargo ( WFC) jumped 11%. Finerman said to fade WFC because the company said it will do a big equity offering once it closes the deal with Wachovia ( WB).

U.S. Steel ( X) soared 14%. Adami says "follow this one it goes higher from here."

General Electric ( GE) moved up 10%.

iShares MSCI Emerging Markets ETF ( EEM) soared 20%. Seymour told viewers to fade it in the short term. Coach ( COH) traded up 20%. Finerman says "fade Coach, but not a 'giant fade,' because the stock is still cheap."
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