Editor's note: Welcome to Stockpickr's "Barron's Roundup." Each weekend, James Altucher presents Stockpickr portfolios related to articles in the latest issue of Barron's.

Auto Investors: Barron's discusses the auto industry with John Casesa, managing partner of Casesa Shapiro Group. Some of the stocks he likes are Honda ( HMC), Johnson Controls ( JCI) and Toyota Motor ( TM).

Speaking Of Dividends: This Barron's column highlights the latest dividend increases, initiations and cutbacks. This week, there's information on Goodrich ( GR).

Bullish and Bearish: Each week, Barron's publishes bullish and bearish stories on a variety of stocks. We present summaries of those stories in this portfolio. This week, there are bullish stories on Apple ( AAPL) and Google ( GOOG), plus a bearish piece on Silicon Graphics ( SGIC).

Latest Activist Purchases: Which companies are the top hedge funds chasing? This week's list includes Sun Microsystems ( JAVA), Books-A-Million ( BAMM) and Chimera Investment ( CIM).

Research Reports: The latest analyst research highlighted by Barron's, including reports this week on CME Group ( CME), Wachovia ( WB) and Yahoo! ( YHOO).

Top Insider Purchases of the Week: Insider purchases are a lot more predictive than insider selling. Barron's lists companies where managers are buying shares, and we build a portfolio with those companies' stocks. There has been interesting activity in Linn Energy ( LINE), Steel Dynamics ( STLD), Dominos Pizza ( DPZ) and Parker Hannifin ( PH).

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