LOS ANGELES -- There have been TV receivers for PCs out for awhile now, but the TubeStick hybrid TV receiver also works on an Apple ( AAPL) mac. With this device you can take your favorite shows with you on the road by loading them onto your iPod or iPhone.

Next, with airlines canceling more flights and the flights that are scheduled being more and more crowded, Gadget Grrl says privacy is hard to come by. A privacy screen for your laptop is a good idea, especially if you are working on company documents with information that should not be let out to the public.

Now more about the TV receiver.

TV Receiver for MAC
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What this device does is enables you to watch free-to-air digital (ASSC), digital cable and analog (Cable, Composite Video, S-Video) TV.

The reason you might want to consider this device is that you can take your favorite shows with you on the road by loading them onto your iPod or iPhone. The free Web service TubeToGo enables you to watch TV online, schedule a time to record (you can even do this remotely so you do not have to be in front of your desktop).

And if you're a real fan of a particular show, you can synchronize all the latest episodes on iTunes. If you missed an episode, there is an adjustable Timeshift buffer that allows you to jump back to the beginning of a TV show to start a recording from when you started watching.

There is also an interactive chat component, TubeTalk n' Watch. With this feature, you can chat or video chat with other viewers about the show you are viewing, compare and contrast the latest political ads. If you drag the Tube app icon into the video chat window, the person you are chatting with can also view the same program you are watching.

What I really liked was the SmartZoom feature: It lets you continue working on your computer while sizing down the TV window to watch a show.

Privacy Filters for MAC
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This Privacy Screen for Mac blocks viewing beyond 45° from the center line.

The screen mounts over your laptop screen with the use of double-sided adhesive strips, and if you want to remove the screen. it's easy to slide off.

An additional advantage to a privacy screen is the anti-glare coating, which can help reduce eye strain.

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