Samsung Electronics plans to re-enter the U.S. computer market with an introduction of new ultralight notebooks, according to a published report.

The Korean-based company will introduce on Tuesday new ultralight notebooks designed to appeal to potential buyers of Apple's ( AAPL) MacBook Air and smaller "netbook" models, Reuters reports.

Samsung is also coming out with models aimed at business professionals and the market for bulkier laptops known as "desktop replacements," a Samsung executive said.

Like Apple's Air, Samsung's X-Series premium lightweight notebooks come with options for either a hard drive or solid state memory. But Samsung's X360 is priced at $2,499 and carries 128 gigabytes of flash memory, twice the 64 gigabytes that comes with the Apple Air selling for $2,598.

"These products really go after Apple and Sony. This is the MacBook Air killer," Bret Berg, the senior product manager for Samsung's U.S. computer division, said in an interview with Reuters .

Breaking into the crowded U.S. market involves taking share from more established players. The Korean electronics maker sees other Asian brand-name players as vulnerable, especially Toshiba, Sony ( SNE) and Lenovo, according to Reuters.
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