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It's easy. Short the market and short some more on any bounce. That seems to be the way to play this market of late. Another vicious down move has left investors rattled once again.

You can point to a number of rumors or reasons, but at this point, selling seems to be causing more selling. There is fear everywhere.

Take your pick: Prizer ( PFE), Morgan Stanley ( MS), Oracle ( ORCL), Microsoft ( MSFT), General Motors ( GM). All crushed, along with most other names.

IBM ( IBM) even reported some positive news, demonstrating in a surprise announcement that it was still very prosperous in the third quarter despite the worsening economy. The result: down on the day.

With this in mind, we thought we'd take a look at some if the stocks that people were searching for on Thursday on TheStreet.com, including IBM ( IBM), and see what Jim Cramer's had to say about them recently.

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(Editor's note: At the time of publication and/or original publication of his posts and shows, Cramer owned Cisco and Morgan Stanley for his Action Alerts PLUS charitable trust.)
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