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Layoff Etiquette

eBay ( EBAY) recently announced plans to lay off more than 1,000 staffers, joining a host of other U.S. companies that have cut staff recently. Even if you have kept your job, the reality is you probably have a friend or family member or neighbor who's suffering from job loss.

MainStreet explains how to keep that meeting at the grocery store from being awkward. Click here to read about layoff etiquette.

5 Ways to Score a Hotel Upgrade

In this economy, you don't have to pay full price for a suite in order to enjoy extra amenities such as multiple rooms, fancy tubs or even just a robe and slippers.

With high vacancy rates hitting the priciest rooms, it's often possible to upgrade for free. MainStreet explains how, click here to learn how to score a hotel upgrade.

How to Raise a Healthy, 'Green' Baby

A baby lavished with all-organic products is bound to be a healthy baby, right?

Not exactly. MainStreet reveals what you need to know about organic products and your little ones. Click here to read more about healthy green babies.