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This was originally published on RealMoney. It is being republished as a bonus for TheStreet.com readers.

The best way to own a deep-value play lately has been to buy a value play -- and wait a week.

In the case of Cenveo ( CVO), it actually took several months to complete that metamorphosis. But the bottom line is that this stock is a poster child for what is just not working on Wall Street right now.

This commercial printing firm -- and roll-up vehicle for Chairman Robert Burton -- was a raging value by most measures when I entered it back in May of this year. It remains so today. But arguing value in this market is a waste of pixels.

InsiderInsights I picked up the shares when they were trading at just 0.3 times trailing sales and 2.6 times trailing earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA). It seemed like a bargain considering that tight cost controls were (and perhaps still are) squeezing out EBITDA increases of more than 15%. Revenue is also holding up reasonably well in this environment, eking out another 6% year-over-year gain last quarter.

It's no wonder insiders are betting heavily on their stock's ability to hold its ground. In the first four months of this year, seven executives and directors purchased nearly $4.3 million worth of their wilting shares at an average price of $13.33 a share.

Cenveo's stock actually did hold its ground well -- until September. This "value" stock lost a sickening 34% since the beginning of last month. I grudgingly took my lumps more than a week ago to help make good on my decision to raise the cash level on the "Recommended List" of my InsiderInsights newsletter up to 40%. I saved myself an added double-digit percentage loss by doing so.

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