Beyond the pigeonhole of pure stock or pure bond mutual funds are so-called alternative funds, which seek out and follow hybrid strategies. Ratings has reviewed the best-performing open-end funds in the third quarter that fall outside of usual fund categories.

In the third quarter, the carnage was real. The Diamonds Trust ( DIA), which tracks the performance of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, slid 3.8%, while the S&P 500 Index sank the SPDR Trust ( SPY) by 8.9%. The PowerShares QQQ ( QQQQ), which gauges the Nasdaq 100 Index, collapsed 13.8%.

By comparison, the meager returns generated by the top 10 hybrid-strategy funds look pretty good. The only exception is the 21.3% return generated by the Direxion Dollar Bull 2.5X Fund ( DXDBX) -- that performance looks plain great. The U.S. Dollar Index, tracked at 250% leverage by this fund, appreciated 9.6% in the quarter as the economic prospects of the U.S. appeared relatively stronger than those of Europe, Japan and the U.K.

With a flexible portfolio strategy, the Comstock Capital Value Fund ( DRCVX) ranked second with a return of 5.5% for the most recent quarter and 21.2% over the last 12 months.

At the beginning of the third quarter, the Comstock fund shifted to holding 87% U.S. Treasury bills and bearish positions of 45.8% in bets against the S&P 500 with futures and puts and 23% equities shorts on Wells Fargo ( WFC), Nokia ( NOK) and SAP ( SAP).

However, the Comstock fund's 2.6% portfolio position in PowerShares DB US Dollar Index Bearish Fund ( UDN), which fell 8.4%, and 2.2% position in StreetTracks Gold Trust ( symbol), which sank 6.9%, tempered what could have been an even stronger quarterly return.

Lastly, the Direxion 10-Year Note Bull 2.5X Fund ( DXKLX) is up 3.4% for the quarter and 21.7% for the year, a direct beneficiary of the flight to quality during the current market turmoil. Similarly, the Pimco Stockplus TR Short Strategy Fund ( PSTIX) gained 3.1% in the last three months and 28.1% in the last 12 due to its bets against the stock market.

10 Best-Performing Alternative Investment Mutual Funds in the Third Quarter
Fund (Ticker), Rating Total Return 3 Months Total Return 1 Month Total Return 1 Year Objective
Direxion Dollar Bull 2.5 X Fund (DXDBX US), U 21.33% 4.01% NA Currency
Comstock Capital Value Fund (DRCVX US), D 5.46% 10.57% 21.17% Flexible Portfolio
Managers AMG Funds - FQ Global Alternatives Fund (MGACX US), U 4.56% 0.98% 0.53% Derivative-Asset Allocation
Direxion 10 Year Note Bull 2.5X Fund (DXKLX US), U 3.44% -1.66% 21.65% Derivative-Asset Allocation
TIAA-CREF Institutional Real Estate Securities Fund (TIREX US), D 3.10% -0.86% -13.54% Sector Fund-Asset Allocation
PIMCO StocksPlus TR Short Strategy Fund (PSTIX US), A+ 3.09% 3.63% 28.12% Derivative-Asset Allocation
ING GET Fund US Core Portfolio-11 (IGUCX US), U 2.20% -0.63% -11.18% Flexible Portfolio
Pioneer Protected Principal Plus Fund II (PPFAX US), C 1.65% 0.77% 3.50% Balanced
Morgan Stanley FX Series Funds - Alpha Plus Strategy Portfolio (FXPAX US), U 1.57% -1.82% -0.10% Currency
Marketfield Fund (MFLDX US), U 1.56% -1.33% NA Flexible Portfolio
Source: Ratings and Bloomberg

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