General Electric Feels Mark-to-Market Pressure

General Electric ( GE) is taking a hit today after a Deutsche Bank analyst lowered his profit forecast estimate for the company because of concerns about the GE Capital division.

This analyst action follows General Electric's warning last week that 2008 earnings may be as much as 15% lower than it had earlier forecast. The Deutsche Bank analyst is predicting a 28% decline in GE Capital's earnings, mainly due to mark-to-market writedowns on some of the unit's holdings. GE Capital accounts for nearly 45% of the company's total earnings.

The mark-to-market controversy has quickly taken center stage, quite possibly affecting this bellwether company, and rumors are circulating that the SEC may be contemplating a rule change. It will be interesting to see if this sort of headline will convince the SEC to make a quicker move to reset accounting standards back to their old ways. Our guess is that it will. As for GE, we would like to see the stock sustain itself above these 52-week lows before getting back into the shares.

General Electric is not a recommended dividend stock at this time, holding a rating of 3.4 out of 5 stars.

The Fed Will Ensure Citigroup Does Not Fail

The positive action in Citigroup ( C) and other top financial stocks today is quite telling.

The market is giving us indications that Citigroup's acquisition of Wachovia's ( WB) businesses must survive. A lot of liquidity is being pumped into the markets, and with hedge funds trying to keep up with redemptions, it is likely that Citigroup has the full support of the Fed. Any other explanation is difficult to fathom, especially considering what happened after the original bailout vote failed.