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To all the naysayers of the $700 billion bailout package, Jim Cramer told them they're "dead wrong."

He told the viewers of his "Mad Money" TV show on Wednesday that we need to throw everything we can at the financial crisis.

Cramer said the pundits against the plan are dead wrong on the facts. He said he's tired of hearing how this option or that option just won't work. "Tell us what will work," he asked those opposed to the bailout plan.

Cramer said that after the attack on Pearl Harbor, the country did not attack its admirals for letting the attack happen, it attacked the enemy and won the war. "There will be plenty of time for subpoenas later," he said.

Cramer said he understands that it might be difficult for investors to think about stocks at a time when they're worried about losing their jobs or their home, but he feels the market now represents a great value for the long term.

He said Monday's sell-off was a clear sign to sell stocks, but Tuesday's was a sign to buy them. Cramer said he's taking the middle ground, staying defensive with consumer stocks and high dividend stocks while looking for real bargains amidst the rubble.

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