Four Ways to Help Strangers Save Money

With a minimum of effort, you can make a person's day while you save them a bit of money.

Even when money is tight, you can do small things that can help out others with little cost or time on your part.

Best of all, these are usually viewed by the recipient as a lucky and unexpected prize.

Here are a few steps you can take:

Drop-Shop Coupons

Drop-shopping is the opposite of shoplifting. Instead of taking something out of the store, you instead leave something inside the store. A great way to help others is to drop-shop coupons you've come across but will not use.

Most people who find coupons that they know they won't use simply throw them into the trash. Instead, keep them and take them with you when you go grocery shopping. As you walk down the aisles, drop-shop the coupons you won't use next to the items for which they are good.

When the next person who is going to buy that item grabs it off the shelf, there will be a coupon waiting that can be used to save a little extra money.

Also consider drop-shopping coupons for local restaurants. If you have a bunch of restaurant coupons but know that you will only be using a few, take those that you won't be using and leave them near the door where others can find and use them.

If you print an online coupon, consider printing out a few extras to help others who are eating at the restaurant as well.

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