REVIEW: Klipsch's X10, X5 Headphones Deliver

Speaker manufacturer Klipsch makes a bunch of great-sounding headphones. One of their best features was that they plugged right into the strange headphone jack on the original Apple ( AAPL) iPhone.

Now, the new iPhone 3G has a universal headphone jack. But Klipsch is still my top choice to plug in ... especially true of its brand new Image X5 headphones.

I've been using Klipsch's top-of-the-line X10s for months now. Aside from being the most comfortable in-ear headphones I've ever used, the X10s are some of the most amazing-sounding in-ear headphones I've ever used. You have never really heard massively deep bass through headphones until you've experienced X10s. They sell for $349, and in my book are worth every penny.

iPhone With X5s

Now, Klipsch engineers have developed the X5s -- price wise, the X10's little brother.

The X5s are slightly (2 mm in diameter) larger than the X10s. That makes them easier and somewhat less expensive to manufacture.

Don't worry, the X5 is still really, really small, compact and lightweight.

According to Klipsch, the real difference between the two is what's inside each earpiece:

"X5 employs a balanced full-range armature driver with a tuned bass-reflex system, while the X10 uses a balanced full-range armature micro-driver with a tuned bass-reflex system. (That means the X5's inner workings are a little larger). If you like a lot of bass, we recommend purchasing the X10; however, if you want a superior top end with more forward voicing, then the X5 is the right choice for you. "

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