's Beat the Street contest kicked off another week Monday, with "Redlight" riding to the lead on four airline shorts and one short bet on a mortgage insurer.

The all-short portfolio, which totaled $293,495.22 after one day of trading, included UAL ( UAUA), Northwest Airlines ( NWA), Delta Air Lines ( DAL), Continental Airllines ( CAL) and MBIA ( MBI).

The next 49 contestants all had the exact same all-short airlines portfolio for a total of $288,772.03 apiece. The only different stock in their portfolios from the leader's was that they all were short AMR ( AMR).

Airline plays -- both long and short -- have been a common theme in the contest.

As per the rules of the weekly contest, players will be able to switch one of their five stocks between Tuesday's market close and Wednesday's market open.

Contestants looking to research their changes should take a look at Cramer's "Mad Money" Recap; Stockpickr's Beat the Street forum; TSC Power Stocks; and "Mad Money Lightning Round."

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