TV delivered a little taste of everything this week, from ways to play China's telecom restructuring to what viewers want most from the new iPhone.

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China Watch
May 30, 2008
How to Play the Telecom Overhaul:
China Mobile (CHL) may be a loser in China's telecom restructuring, but there are winners -- and ways to make big money. Patrick Schultz discusses the trend in this interview with Brittany Umar.

Strategy Session
May 29, 2008
What Would You Say to Jimmy Cayne?:
Artist Geoffrey Raymond is giving Bear Stearns (BSC) employees a chance to vent their feelings, but so far no one's biting.

The Slot Tech News
May 25, 2008
More of What You Want on the iPhone:
Gary Krakow uncovers what other features iPhone users want to see on the newest version of Apple's (AAPL) smartphone. And what about their BlackBerrys?

My Name Is Simon
May 27, 2008
Three Reasons to Buy Shipping Stocks:
Simon Constable revisits the dry-bulk cargo haulers and explains why it still makes sense to invest in the space despite its healthy run-up.

ETF Watch
May 29, 2008
A New Way to Play Platinum:
Platinum jewelry is beyond most people's price range, but Kurt Nelson, managing director at UBS, explains how investors can now own -- or short -- the precious metal using new exchange-traded notes in this interview with Gregg Greenberg.

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