As for the sound quality -- it was (and is) impeccable. Even though these half-sized components might give the impression of being "small" they are anything but. On my big home system (with a pair of legendary Quad ESL-57 speakers) the Resolution Audio gear performed magnificently. I will miss listening and enjoying it when it heads back to San Francisco next week.

As for price, the entire Opus 21 system, as described above, sells for $7,500. You can also buy the components separately -- but you would miss out on the system synergies. The system is available in four color combinations: All silver, silver with black trim, all black and black with silver trim. I can report that the system has a very high WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor) as well.

One thing to consider about the Opus 21 system: interconnects and AC power cords -- or the lack thereof. In these days of hand-made wires selling for hundreds or even thousands of dollars each -- think of how much money you might be saving by buying a system that doesn't need them at all! That could be a huge selling point.

One last note: The components I tested were the exact ones Jeff had displayed at CES in Las Vegas, earlier this year. But, there was another box attached -- a very early preview of a matching, digital ripping/storage/playback box that would plug right into the system. Could be a very interesting addition.
Gary Krakow is's senior technology correspondent.

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