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Oil continues to dominate headlines as well as investors' psyches, but there are plenty of other stories putting particular stocks on the front-burner.

The United Autoworkers Union's 11-week strike looks to be coming to an end due to an increased wage offer from American Axle ( AXL) and a three-year "buy down." The strike, which began in February, has crippled production at about 30 General Motors ( GM) assembly plants in the U.S., Canada and Mexico, resulting in thousands of layoffs at other parts supply companies.

Meanwhile, the nation's largest airline carrier, American, has not achieved such resolve. Negotiators for union mechanics and bag handlers at American Airlines have rejected a contract proposal from American that called for lump-sum payments instead of wage increases. This rejection continues to hurt the struggling company. American's parent, Fort Worth-based AMR ( AMR), lost $328 million in the first quarter, due largely to record prices for jet fuel.

In other headline news, Time Warner's ( TWX) AOL is "unbranding" itself in an effort to attract a younger audience. Asylum Web site for young men is a creation of AOL along with WalletPop, a personal finance site, Spinner, an indie music site, and StyleList, a fashion site. AOL is hoping that by shedding its brand identity it will lure specialty audiences.

With all of this news out there, we thought it made sense to take a look at Friday's Top 10 Most Searched Stocks on TheStreet.com and find out what Jim Cramer's take has recently been on them.

These stocks could be in the news for a number of reasons. Some require immediate attention while others may not. But it never hurts to hear what Cramer (or any of the other professional investors on the site) has to say about them. The key is to gather as much information as you can in order to make the most informed investment decisions you can make.

Despite China Precision Steel ( CPSL) and Solarfun Power skyrocketing on Friday and proving last week to be among the most-searched stocks on the site, we'll kick it off today with Yahoo! ( YHOO).

In a post on his RealMoney.com blog last Thursday, Cramer warned that Carl Icahn should not be taken lightly by Yahoo!.

"Yahoo!, be prepared to get pantsed. Carl Icahn has spent much of his life working just on the kind of situations that CEO Jerry Yang just engineered -- a situation where entrenched management doesn't own a lot of stock but doesn't want to lose its job and is willing to screw all of the other shareholders.

I have believed from the beginning that Yahoo! did not deal in good faith with Steve Ballmer of Microsoft ( MSFT - Get Report). I believe that every time Ballmer tried to reach a deal, Yang went higher. He wasn't a seller because he believed he owned the company.

Now Icahn has put together a slate that I think can be a winner. I think he knows that you can buy the stock at $23-$25 and flip it to Microsoft after the election.

I think he is right. And I think he will have the support of a lot of shareholders, new and old alike, who feel like they've got a great opportunity or they have been wronged. I imagine that Capital World, which just disclosed a big holding, isn't a Yang supporter. The day this deal broke down, the stock should have broken to $22. It didn't, I believe, because Icahn saw this kind of hubris and wanted to get to work. I predicted it immediately on 'Squawk Box' and on video because Icahn lives for these situations.

Icahn's a pro, Yang's an amateur. Any weakness down to $25-$26 and this is a buy. Why not here? Time value of money -- this is going to take some time, and if the deal ultimately gets done at $33-$34, you are going to have a long time waiting, and the spread needs to be bigger."

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