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On Wednesday, Jim Cramer signed a new three-year employment contract with TheStreet.com, lifting a ton of uncertainty surrounding the "booyah" king. Market players and fans of Cramer can now relax and get back to following one of Wall Street's finest. Recently, Cramer found opportunity in Russian stocks, stocks that work with oil at $110 and stocks ready to play catch-up.

Here are some Cramer highlights from over the past week as aggregated from his "Mad Money" TV show, the "Stop Trading!" segment on CNBC and his RealMoney blog posts (these blog post links require a RealMoney subscription).

Cramer's Stock Plays Off the Corn Report: A corn shortage could be on the horizon, and Cramer sees opportunity. In an April 9 blog post, he wrote: "The impact of the president's food-for-oil plan continues with this morning's corn inventory report, which shows a smaller-than-forecast harvest. That means costs going up for everyday food for everyday people, but that's not been an issue as the ethanol boondoggle continues." Cramer's Stock Plays Off the Corn Report include Syngenta ( SYT) and Potash ( POT).

Cramer's Diversified Dividend Stock Portfolio: Recently, Cramer unveiled a new, diversified dividend portfolio for investors. On last Friday's "Mad Money" show, Cramer told viewers: "In a low-growth world, we want stocks with stability and consistency. That's why these stocks are perfect for your 401(k)." Cramer's Diversified Dividend Stock Portfolio includes names such as World Wrestling Entertainment ( WWE) and Dow ( DOW).

Cramer's Russian Stock Picks: Cramer thinks the Russian economy is on fire. On Monday's "Mad Money" show, Cramer told viewers: "The way to play the newly ignited Russian economy is with steelmaker Mechel ( MTL), one of the best international steel plays around." Cramer's Russian Stock Plays also include CTC Media ( CTCM).

Cramer's Stock Plays for Oil at $110: Cramer thinks number bumps are coming for the drillers and drilling equipment stocks with high crude oil prices. In an April 9 blog post, he wrote: "As long as oil maintains this trajectory -- and remember, I am using $125 and have not varied -- you can pretty much bet that earnings are too low." Cramer's Stock Plays for Oil at $110 include Chesapeake Energy ( CHK) and Southwestern Energy ( SWN).

Cramer's Catch-Up Stock Picks: On "Mad Money" Tuesday, Cramer introduced a new segment called "Catch-Up Stocks" that highlights stocks that are lagging in their peer group and are poised for big gains. Cramer told viewers: " UST ( UST) is ready to break out and 'catch up' to the growth of its peers." Cramer's Catch-Up Stock Picks also include Merck ( MRK).

Cramer's Troubled Tech Stocks: Cramer thinks the technology sector is lacking a strong product cycle. In an April 8 blog post, he wrote: "When people say 'tech' on TV, it is almost always followed with 'cheap,' or 'low valuation.' To which I say, 'So what?'" Cramer's Troubled Tech Stocks include Google ( GOOG).

Lightning Round: Cramer was full speed ahead last night with his latest Lightning Round. He was bullish on several stocks such as Merck ( MRK) and Petroleo Brasileiro ( PBR), but also bearish on the likes of Yahoo! ( YHOO) and Petrobras ( PZE).
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