Ten Wild Ways to Spend $10,000

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Let's say you have an extra $10,000 lying around and aren't sure what to do with it.

Your debts are pretty much paid off, your 401(k) is being fully funded and your mutual funds are doing just fine, thank you.

Sure, you could put the money into the roller-coaster ride called the stock market and set yourself up for an extra dose of market volatility. Or you could do the sensible thing and make extra payments against your mortgage.

But if just this once you'd rather do something off the wall with the money?

Here are 10 suggestions:

1. Give to Charity

You can even find a charity that matches up with your interests, by visiting a website like Charity Navigator. Then you know that the money is going to use for something that you care about, and you can even check ratings based on criteria like organizational efficiency and revenue versus expenses.

Plus, thinking in April terms, charitable donations are tax deductible (although it's too late for this year). Just remember that you must itemize your deductions, and that there may be a limit on what you can deduct.

You may also require specific forms from the IRS and you do need a receipt from the organization stating the charity's name, how much you donated, the date and a statement that no goods or services were received in return for your gift.

2. Take a Plastic Surgery Safari

Medical tourism is fast becoming a way for clients to take advantage of quality health care at cheaper prices, while combining often aesthetic procedures with relaxing vacations in exotic locations. Plus, the time away provides one with an opportunity to begin to heal. South Africa's Surgeon and Safari provides services ranging from cosmetic orthopedic to dental to sports medicine.

Safari options include bush, wine and train safaris, among others. Surgical Attractions also offers cosmetic procedures.

An important caveat: Be careful to do your homework when researching a facility abroad to insure that medical practices are up to par with those expected in the U.S. Speak to respected industry professionals about specific practices and get recommendations from former patients, if possible. Lower prices do not necessarily mean lesser care, but be diligent in doing your research.

3. Buy Tickets to the Olympics

It's an Olympic year, and certainly an historic one at that, as the world converges on China beginning Aug. 8 for the biggest sporting event in the world. Tickets are officially impossible to get, but online ticket sellers offer a variety of possible travel packages, which also include entry into events ranging from judo to basketball to yes, even team handball. An 11-night hotel package at Ticket City that includes excursions to places like the Great Wall and daily track and field tickets starts at $8,500. This does not include the price of the flight.

Individual ticket event options are also available, but hotel accommodations are already very hard to find and incredibly expensive on their own. The Sino Hotel in Beijing offers Olympic packages. Ticket Liquidator and StubHub also offer individual event tickets.

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