All of the British and European BlackBerry users I talked with said they had no problem with their email. They had no idea what all the fuss was about.

Good for them but bad for us.

I think Research In Motion ( RIMM) needs to work a lot harder to make sure that North American users, who make up something like 75% of its total 12 million users worldwide, continue to be happy campers. I'm using the term "users" here to describe an addiction to their mobile email devices -- not necessarily to drugs, etc.

What RIM doesn't need is for the "Crackberry" nickname to turn into "Black-out-berry."
With 34 years experience as a journalist -- the last 27 with NBC -- Gary Krakow has seen all the best and worst technology that's come along. Gary joined before it actually went online in July 1996. He produced and anchored the first live Webcast of a presidential election in November 1996. With a background as a gadget freak, audiophile and ham radio operator, Krakow started writing reviews for both Audio and Stereophile Magazines in the 80s. Once at, Krakow started writing a column to help feed his personal passion for playing with gadgets of all types, shapes and sizes. Within a short time, that column became a major force in many electronics industries -- audio, video, photography, GPS and cell phones. Readership soared, and manufacturers told him they had actual proof that a positive review in his column sold thousands of their products. Many electronics manufacturers have used quotes from his reviews in their sales literature as well as on their Web sites. There have also been a few awards too, including Emmys in the 70s, 80s and 90s.

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