Nice. They got it. They recognized that the housing situation must be cordoned off and that it is serious and that it is still not too late to save our financial system.


This half-point move means that tomorrow, we should get some good number bumps for the banks -- vital, given their run. I also think that when you combine the Ryland ( RYL) news last week of an upturn with the fact that Centex ( CTX) is finally blinking and pulling out of Ohio -- the first white flag I have seen in this group -- then we are going to see a continuation of that rally.

It is also a possibility that all of the collateral debt obligations (CDOs) that are supposed to be wiped out now have to be questioned. Today we got a severely negative report about Merrill ( MER) and losses: not even a glancing blow. We also saw two Goldman Sachs ( GS) number cuts, and that's ramping too.

My hope is that I do not have to hear, "We saw great numbers from United Tech ( UTX) ... what are they talking about?' because that has noting to do with this cut.

Not at all.

To take the bankruptcies of WaMu ( WM) and Countrywide ( CFC) and CIT ( CIT) and MBIA ( MBI) and Ambac ( ABK) and Radian ( RDN) and PMI ( PMI) and MGIC ( MTG) of the table, which is what I see happening, is a great thing to do.

They are getting ahead of the curve.

At last.

And things are good.

I expect higher prices.

At the time of publication, Cramer was long Goldman Sachs.
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