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The CNBC "Fast Money" traders work hard to find the best stocks for investors. Trading ideas that normally wouldn't make it off the Wall Street trading floors are now brought right into your home every night at 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. ET.

Recently, the crew found some big opportunities in stocks with short-squeeze potential and those that play the global titans. Here are some highlights from over the past week as aggregated from the show.

Fast Money's Short-Squeeze Stock Plays: The "Fast Money" traders see opportunity in stocks in which the bears are pressing bets. On Tuesday's "Fast Money" show, Pete Najarian told viewers, "Buy Crocs ( CROX) in the hope of getting an upside squeeze." Fast Money's Short-Squeeze Stock Plays included IHOP ( IHP) among others.

Fast Money's Rail & Coal Stock Picks: The coal and rail sectors also have caught the attention of the "Fast Money" traders. On last Friday's "Fast Money" show, Guy Adami told viewers, "I think investors should go into the rails." Fast Money's Rail & Coal Stock Picks include names like CSX ( CSX) and Union Pacific ( UNP) among others.

Fast Money's Global Titan Stock Picks: U.S.-based multinationals are a great way to play the booming global growth around the world. On last Thursday's "Fast Money" show, Tim Seymour told viewers, "The world is beefing up defense spending and Lockheed Martin ( LMT) is likely to profit from it." Fast Money's Global Titan Stock Picks include Boeing ( BA) and Honeywell ( HON) among others.

Fast Money's Early Recovery Stock Picks: The "Fast Money" traders know that if you wait for a recovery from a recession to start you will be too late to play certain sectors. On Monday's "Fast Money" show, Pete Najarian told viewers, "It might be early to get into the homebuilders. Instead, I would look at "ag" names such as Archer Daniels Midland ( ADM)." Fast Money's Early Recovery Stock Picks include DuPont ( DD) and Eastman Chemical ( EMN) among others.

Fast Money's Trader Radar: "Fast Money" recently introduced a new feature called "Trader Radar." This segment looks at stocks with unusual volume that are lighting up screens across Wall Street. On last Thursday's "Fast Money" show, Dylan Ratigan told viewers, " Caterpillar ( CAT) is on the 'Fast Money' trader radar. This stock traded double its average daily volume after blowout earnings." Fast Money's Trader Radar includes Xerox ( XRX) among others.

Fast Money's Balance Sheet Stock Plays: Companies with lots of cash and low debt can make for great plays when the economy turns south. On last Wednesday's "Fast Money" show, Karen Finerman told viewers, "Cash on the books is so important, because I think investors should select companies that have the financial strength not only to survive but thrive in this tough environment." Fast Money's Balance Sheet Stock Plays include American Eagle ( AEO) among others.
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