Too hungry to talk? Finally, you can just text-message your next pizza order from Papa John's ( PZZA - Get Report). Soon to follow: Telepathic beer delivery.

A Maybach limousine valued at three-quarters of a million dollars was stolen while the well-heeled owner was at dinner in a Moscow restaurant. Think he had enough left over for LoJack ( LOJN)?

I use Google ( GOOG - Get Report) for search. And now I search for Google in my closet.

If those Uggs you just unearthed for the winter are smelling hamper fresh, try a pair of these Japanese battery-operated shoe deodorizers (about $27 per pair).

I don't need a room with a view. I need a hotel with a view.

Have you ever wondered exactly how Howard gets into your car? Here's everything you ever wanted to know about satellite radio, from Sirius ( SIRI - Get Report) to XMSR

Here's how to survive Thanksgiving on a diet or perhaps more challengingly, with your family.

If you're trying to cut back on the calories (or the fights), reach for a crisp glass of Lauretana Mineral Water instead of wine ($176 for 6 bottles). If you've given up on both counts, though, treat yourself to Sam Adams ( SAM - Get Report) Utopia -- at $120 for a 24-ounce bottle, it's one of the most expensive beers you can drink.

Wal-Mart ( WMT - Get Report) gets the jump on Black Friday, and you can too with this guide.