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Motorola ( MOT) is a buy ahead of its earnings report on Wednesday, Jim Cramer told viewers of his "Mad Money" TV show Monday.

Because Motorola's Ed Zander is on Cramer's "CEO Wall of Shame," Cramer said his reasons for recommending it are extra compelling. "There are three ways to win with Motorola," he said.

The first reason to buy it is on the possibility that when Motorola reports on Wednesday, Zander will announce that he wants to spend more time with his family, Cramer said. "Unfortunately, his resignation is low probability," but if it does happen it is a quick four-point upside for Motorola.

The "medium-probability" way to win with Motorola is to bet the stock may have at long last reached its bottom, he said. Motorola's bar "has been lowered to the point that even a toddler or Zander could jump over it and make you money."

The high-probability way to win with this stock is with the help of activist investor Carl Icahn, Cramer said. "In Icahn we trust."

After BEA Systems ( BEAS) and Biogen ( BIIB), it's clear from Icahn's guest appearance on "Mad Money" last week that he now has his sights on Motorola, Cramer said. Icahn has specifically called for a breakup of this company, something that would make shareholders a lot of money.

At this point, the sum of Motorola's parts is worth more than it is as a whole company, Cramer said, getting a valuation from each of its divisions. "It's not running as profitably as it should be running," Cramer said. The underperformer has been Motorola's wireless headset business, which could turn around if it were on its own.

Icahn wants to break up Motorola, and that's worth five to 10 points more than its current price, he said. This stock is a buy. Motorola closed at $19.34.

A Bad Day? Take Copart

Some people get upset when there is a down day in the market, but with the Dow near 14,000, Cramer told viewers he considers every day to be a blessing. When investors get a down day, they shouldn't mope; they should take advantage of it. "We like to buy on weakness and sell strength on this show," he said. "That's how we beat the professionals."

Copart ( CPRT) is a company Cramer said he believes is in charge of its destiny. And now, people finally can buy it at a price that is at least one point below its 52-week high.

Don't buy Copart after hours, Cramer warned. Consider buying it in a week or two. After all, "the name of the game is patience," he said. People who don't play this game could end up paying too much and losing money.

Copart is a provider of vehicle remarketing services in the U.S., Canada and the U.K., Cramer said. "Think of it as an eBay ( EBAY) for junk cars."

The company works because it helps its customers sell its junk cars for a profit, he explained. Currently, Copart has 35% market share in the U.S., and Cramer expects that should rise in time. Moreover, Copart isn't going to let declining accident rates in the U.S. hurt it, he said, noting the company's electronic platform has allowed it to expand beyond the U.S. and to the rest of the world with ease.

In addition, Copart has an "unbelievable" buyback, "one of the highest I've seen," Cramer said. With the company having bought back a quarter of its shares, market players should see much higher earnings per share.

The company has a huge buyback, a rest-of-world expansion play and a business model that works, Cramer said. "It's time to start buying Copart."

Saks a Steal

The trade papers are a "fantastic" way to get information about stocks, Cramer told viewers.

Saks ( SKS) is up for sale, and it may have not one but two buyers. And the reason Cramer knows this is because he reads Women's Wear Daily, he said.

Saks should have "gone through the roof" today, but because of the day's lousy trading, it didn't go much up at all, and is a gift people should consider buying, Cramer said.

Beyond the rumors of the potential buyout, Cramer said he likes Saks and would buy it at $18 per share based on its earnings alone. Plus, it has Steve Sadove, one of the most pro-shareholder CEOs on the planet.

Also, the Street doesn't understand the strength of this brand, Cramer said. People are flying in from overseas to shop at Saks because of the weak dollar. Takeover aside, Saks is a turnaround story, he said, and Sadove should keep the company improvements coming.

Cramer said he believes Saks should be taken out at $23 to $24 per share, five points higher than the current price. And comparing it with Neiman Marcus' buyout, Saks could be worth even more.

Mad Mail

In his "Mad Mail" segment, Cramer told a mailer he believes Biogen is going to go out close to $100. Typically, he said he doesn't like to recommend holding on to stocks past big bids, but he believes this one could go higher. The stock closed at $82.51.

Responding to another emailer, Cramer said Hologic ( HOLX), which he owns for his charitable trust, Action Alerts PLUS , is a stock he's been recommending for 15 points, and there's no way he's backing down now.

Cramer told another viewer it is "mind boggling" to him how much PetroChina ( PTR) has moved. For now, PTR is too high, he said. Instead he advised taking a look at Baidu ( BIDU), Focus Media ( FMCN) or China Mobile ( CHL).

Lightning Round

Cramer was bullish on Nvidia ( NVDA), SunPower ( SPWR) and First Solar ( FSLR).

Cramer was bearish on DSW ( DSW), Metabolix ( MBLX), Vasco Data Security ( VDSI) and Taser ( TASR).

Sudden Death

During the "Sudden Death" round, Cramer was bullish on Prudential ( PRU), MetLife ( MET), AllState ( ALL) and Textainer Group ( TGH).

He was bearish on Lloyds ( LYG).

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At the time of publication, Cramer was long Hologic.

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