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There's genuine excitement in this market. We have broken the shackles of a host of problems underneath the subprime/hedge fund/leveraged buyout/alleged slowdown. So now it's important to focus on the fact that we've had some important leadership shifts and some remarkable things happening that are producing tremendous returns. (If you don't believe me, take a look -- read on.)

First, we have the return of growth. Don't believe me? Look at Apple ( AAPL), and more important, Research In Motion ( RIMM). I love buyouts, don't get me wrong, but is there anything more exciting than the market paying up for the fabulous growth that Apple and RIM are producing?

Is RIM overpriced? Go tell the mutual funds using 2010 numbers that it is. A stock that goes up 60 points because everyone loves a device, including now the Chinese, is the real goal in this game. Finding these is what makes the market fun!

I have read pretty much every review of Apple's iPhone, and it's pretty clear that this is far more than just a home run. I am sure, given that Steve Jobs is not a nice guy and iTunes has smothered everyone else, that there was a substantial desire among critics to hammer this thing. They couldn't. The enthusiasm that was captured by James Altucher's great video last week seems to have been infectious enough to be caught by all sorts of folks I thought would bash the phone.

Now Apple can go to $150 after digesting a ton of stock and shorts at the $120 level. And does anyone remember the story that got the stock down from $125 to $115? Think it was some software issue that someone used to take profits on a great stock.

Ciena's ( CIEN) up, too, as a proxy for the return of telco. Really big move. And Intel's ( INTC) been none too shabby. That stock works its way to $27.

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