Teambonding's offices are bicoastal, in both Boston and San Diego, and the company also has event facilitators in Atlanta, Chicago, New York City and Washington, D.C., as well as an international presence in Toronto and Sydney, Australia.

Goldstein takes many factors into consideration when planning activities for clients, including group size, location, corporate culture and goals. Events can be customized on the basis of each company's needs and structure.

Custom Fit

Who doesn't dream of being in the movies?

To meet this desire, Goldstein created the "'Canned' Film Festival," a mock movie event designed to inspire creativity and build teamworking skills among employees.

A facilitator divides employees in groups and hands each a video camera. The individual groups then assign roles -- actors, director, camera operator, props and costumes, even a movie-house marketing group.

The event is supervised by professional actors, so employees can really learn the inner workings of moviemaking. Additionally, employees get a copy of their film as a keepsake to remember the creative process and the fun they've had.

Goldstein can come up with something for everyone -- there's even a "Chocolate Company Challenge," which is designed for groups anywhere from eight to 200 people and can last from two to four hours. It involves working together to build a small chocolate bridge, which can be done competitively on elements including design and strength -- as well as all the chocolate an employee could ever dream of.

A new activity this year is "Drumming Up a Team," which is just what it sounds like: Participants are given drums and are taught the basics by an instructor.

Even though the event may seem like simple fun, participants learn how to listen to each other and to connect rhythmically -- a way not usually possible in an office. Additionally, some employees may get to experience a hobby they always dreamed of but never had the opportunity to try.

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