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Under the theory that the real estate bust is still in the first inning, Stockerblog posts his top short picks in the real estate industry.

Billionaire prodigy Mark Cuban, founder of Broadcast.com and owner of HD Net and the Dallas Mavericks, is rooting for Viacom ( VIAB) in the $1 billion lawsuit against Google ( GOOG), and he explains why.

Stockpickr's System Trades of the Day include trades on Sepracor ( SEPR) and Nvidia ( NVDA).

Crossing Wall Street uncovers a little gem about this week in the stock market 100 years ago.

Check out stocks rising on unusual volume. And if you missed my post from the other day, this condition is usually bullish.

Not only is Yahoo! ( YHOO) the top Internet property, but according to a new comScore metric they are tops in visits per unique visitor. Interestingly, Facebook is No. 2.

Information Arbitrage points out the reasons a merger between XM ( XMSR) and Sirius ( SIRI) will actually encourage competition and benefit customers.

24/7 Wall St. wonders why Wall Street hates Viacom.

This is pretty scary. Freakonomics details the stats on how many medical school applicants cheat on their entrance essays.

The other Hilary. The other Kramer. Hilary Kramer drills down on Overhill Farms ( OFI).

Yesterday I highlighted a post from college student extraordinaire Joe Cit, who said he was considering shorting InvesTools ( SWIM). Well, the CEO of SWIM wrote Joe a missive, and Joe responded.

Fascinating study by ThinkBlog. They took the top-performing stocks from 1996 to 2006 and looked at their average P/E ratios when they began their big move.

Bob Chapman is like a hedge fund tornado when he hits a company. 13D Tracker reports that he's demanding eSpeed ( ESPD) sell itself.

Ticker Sense has developed the Goldman Sachs ( GS) Indicator to determine whether we are at a bottom.

Specious Argument reports the goods on Dick's Sporting Goods ( DKS).

Here's a list of stocks furthest below their 50-day moving average.

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