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Check out Morningstar's top five cheap stocks.

Snopes dives deep into the legend of the Super Bowl indicator.

24/7 ( TFSM) has the breakup value of Caterpillar ( CAT).

Take a look at the Super Bowl portfolio.

Clear AM Ideas analyzes spinoff play Moneygram International ( MGI).

Is it game over? Google ( GOOG) + YouTube = 51% of the video market.

When thinking about obesity in America, did you ever stop to think about how well the stock prices of the chicken and pork companies have done as a result?

I really like it when these blogs analyze seemingly great companies that I've never heard of. Finding Cents gives us the lowdown on Siliconware ( SPIL).

The Cody Report lays out its top picks and why.

Here are some of the companies (mostly microcaps) that Rudy Giuliani's firm, Giuliani Partners, has been involved with.

I have no idea why a German translation of my book is on Amazon's Japanese Web site, but more important, that is the worst cover illustration I've ever seen.

The Bumblebee Biotech gives us his latest top picks among biotechs..

Equity Investment Ideas' blogger bullet-points his thoughts on the most profitable company in world history: Exxon ( XOM).

Jeff Matthews Is Not Making This Up gives us a very, very, very good post on the use of "very" in Google's earnings call.

Paul Kedrosky points out the bottom line about Amazon's ( AMZN) bottom line.

Uber-venture capitalist Fred Wilson looks like he's taking a new direction in his investing.

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