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Jim Rogers was on CNBC yesterday saying oil is going to $100. If you think this is the case, check out a study we did of the top stocks correlated to oil. The results were surprising (for instance, Exxon ( XOM) is not on the list).

Mr. No DooDahs likes Selective Insurance Group ( SIGI).

Eric Savitz wonders whether RealNetworks ( RNWK) is overvalued.

The 25 fastest-growing public technology companies, according to Forbes.

The 10Q Detective suggests that hurricanes might be good for Abatix ( ABIX).

Google ( GOOG) earnings contest: After earnings are released Wednesday, how much will Google be up or down on Thursday?

BioHealth Investors believes the whole KGB radiation poisoning, combined with a government contract, could set shares of Hollis-Eden Pharmaceuticals ( HEPH) on fire.

The Long Tail has some interesting stats about how much the top 10 concert tours made in 2006.

Roger Ehrenberg -- former derivatives trader, hedge fund allocator, banker, and now CEO of Monitor110 -- has a must-see interview with Wallstrip (and he talks about Stockpickr).

Stockerblog points out the geothermal stocks that are heating up.

Market University breaks it down on shares of Starbucks ( SBUX).

Compete.com has the top online dating sites for December and, of course, Yahoo! ( YHOO) tops the list.

24/7 Wall St. believes the breakup value of Disney ( DIS) is over $39 and the breakup value of Apple ( AAPL) is $84.

Jeff Matthews Is Not Making This Up gives out his "not making it up awards" and the results are hilarious.

Financial Skeptic is skeptical (what else?) of Mattel ( MAT).

People assume Howard Hughes was simply eccentric or an insane billionaire. My article this morning says his legacy was much, much greater and notes the current $50 billion worth of public companies that still are affected by his touch.
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