Five Horses of the Apocalypse.

Double Down Red Squad.

Glitter Motion.

These team names won't be found at an NFL or NBA game or any other professional sporting event -- except one.

They are just some of 100-plus teams that entered last year's Idiotarod, a 5-mile race modeled after the Alaskan Iditarod sled-dog races but with a few changes: There are no dogs, just a team of five people, four of whom are required to be tethered to a shopping cart while a fifth person "mushes" them through the boroughs of New York City.

Originating in San Francisco more than 10 years ago, the Idiotarod made its way to New York City in 2003 and to Washington, D.C. and Portland last year.

The contest seems simple enough at first: Be the first team to get from Point A to Point B, while stopping at two checkpoints for 15 minutes.

While the basics of the race are simple, different cities have adapted different rules. Four of the five members of any team participating in the Portland race must run in front of the cart, dog-sled style. The D.C. race organizers changed the number of team members from five to six, and New Yorkers this year are required to complete various challenges at each checkpoint.

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