For Tribune ( TRB), the same guy who pressured it into dating seven months ago has suddenly turned into a suitor who's coming on too strong.

The Chandler family trust, which owns 20% of the media conglomerate, refused to sell any of its Tribune shares back in June when the company was offering to buy back its stock at $32.50 a share. Instead, the trust called on the company to go on the auction block, saying a private-equity buyer would pay at least $35 a share for it.

Now that sale process has gone awry, and the trust has turned around and offered to buy the company in a deal valued at just $31.70.

The offer from the Chandlers, made public in a regulatory filing last week, appears to be one of three bids now on the table (the other two came to light in media reports) for the nation's second-largest newspaper publisher, whose assets include the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune, a slew of broadcast properties and the Chicago Cubs baseball franchise.

All the offers fell short of the sort of premium that investors have hoped for, and Tribune signaled in a press release over the weekend that it's also considering "actions the company may take alone."