Imagine a procedure that is both painless and quick and that can enhance your entire body and face without actual surgery.

No, it's not just a dream -- the Australian company Diamond International has created biomesosculpture, a procedure that has an altering effect on the body and face.

The all-natural treatment creates a reduction of visible cellulite by stimulating the fluid directly under skin. Custom-blended chocolate moisturizing cream is then applied to the body to enhance the treatment.

The trademarked procedure was debuted about six months ago.

It is the modern version of cupping, says John Pavia, CEO of Diamond International, referring to the ancient Chinese practice of placing glass or bamboo cups on the skin with suction. The age-old practice allegedly stimulates blood flow.

The treatment goal is to improve microcirculation and thereby remove congestion under the skin. The procedure can help patients achieve a brow lift and a more-defined chin and jaw line.

Additionally, biomesosculpture can be used on the body in other ways, such as erasing stretch marks and supposedly reducing waist measurements.

Fat Attack

Everyone hates cellulite, that visible puckering of the skin most often caused by lifestyle or genetics. It stems from the layer of fat directly under the skin, or the subcutaneous layer.

Creams and lotions are often not successful for removing cellulite, because these only target the appearance of cellulite. Cellulite does not necessarily respond well to weight loss and exercise, either.

There are two stages of cellulite: the first is stagnation, and the second stage is cellulitis.

Stagnation occurs when fat cells get enlarged, which in turn causes septa -- fibrous structures -- to tighten, resulting in a dimpled appearance. The biomesosculpture treatment acts by increasing circulation, which allegedly can counteract these stagnation effects.

International Appeal

Helen and Ronald Greenberg -- married for 20 years -- founded Diamond International in 1997. Helen, originally from Scotland, was trained as an herbalist and naturopath; Ronald, from South Africa, was trained as an accountant.

His background isn't as unrelated to the cosmetology industry as it may seem: "Ronald will get the idea to treat a specific problem and then work with engineers to find a solution to the problem," Helen explains.

Their company is most known for its diamond peel machines. These derive from a treatment called microdermabrasion, in which the surface of the top layer of the skin is partially removed by mechanical abrasion.

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