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Based on some criteria Jim Cramer mentioned in his most recent book, Mad Money, I set up this portfolio of growth stocks. I will update it once a month. You can bookmark it by rating the portfolio and then get emails when I update it. I also plan on asking Jim about these companies once a month in a video on TheStreet.com.

Wikipedia is the true threat to Google ( GOOG). Maybe not this year, but by 2008 Wikipedia will be a major player in search.

Crossing Wall Street points out that Nasdaq is at an all-time high, sort of.

A great list of all the public companies that are "groundbreaking pioneers in the low-carbon-emissions movement". A true global warming index.

Freakonomics finds an arbitrage opportunity in the NBA.

Finding Cents does a nice job breaking down widescreen movie company Imax ( IMAX).

Hitwise compares the demographics of the people searching online for "Obama" as opposed to "Hilary."

Gollan sets up some "high-yield dividend stocks with high potential for share price appreciation" with analysis for each position.

A very comprehensive sum-of-the-parts analysis of mall developer Mills Corp ( MLS).

Will the bull market in uranium continue?

Which stock has increased its dividend 50 years in a row?

Post of the day: Random Roger compares the GDPs of various states with various emerging countries.

John Hussman comes from an academic background and runs two market-neutral mutual funds. He is, recently, a bear and here are his latest thoughts that I totally disagree with. But he's always worth reading. I think his statistics are shoddy, though, in this particular commentary.

Clear AM analyzes my favorite spinoff stock: TV broadcaster CBS ( CBS).

Ex-derivatives trader Roger Ehrenberg points out that Apple ( AAPL)shareholders might not be aware that when they own Apple they are actually short an expensive put option that they need to value.

WallStrip interviews me about hedge funds, what one should do with their money, and Stockpickr.

Fat Pitch come up with its target intrinsic value price for Microsoft ( MSFT).

24/7 Wall St. shows us the top-ranking finance sites, ranked by unique visitors and Google is nowhere to be seen.

And check out my article on what I think are the most creative ETFs. I don't necessarily recommend buying them but I like a blend of the various holdings in each ETF.
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